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We understand the importance of keeping your aircraft in the best condition; ready to take to the air so you can make the most of the very best flying conditions. With its easy access and generous internal space, the Pioneer hangar sets the benchmark for standalone light aircraft hangarage.

The Pioneer hangar provides a safe and secure space to house your aircraft, delivering a comfortable and easily maintained environment for you to work in when on the ground. A large uninterrupted single span gives you complete freedom and access to your aircraft during care and servicing.

The internal environment is dramatically enhanced by a three-meter wide translucent window strip that fills the internal space with diffused natural light. Aircraft access is provided by a manually operated sliding the door; simple to open, close and fasten shut the hangar door gives you fast access to the air and confidence in security on the ground.

Product Summary

Maximum access width
11.98 meters
Maximum access height
3.0 meters
PVC roof sheet
600 gsm - olive green
Hangar door
Sliding PVC curtain door

Optional Features

  • Plated anchors

    Concrete embedded anchors are supplied as standard, however, this hangar can be specified with plated anchors for installation onto a concrete pad. Plated anchors are designed to be fixed to a C35 fibre reinforced concrete pad and are supplied along with excalibur bolts for fixing to the pad.

  • Gable-end vent

    Promoting air flow through the building and reducing the build-up of condensation on the hangars inner walls. The rear gable-end vent can be simply fitted into the rear wall of the hangar, formed from a coarse mesh, trapped into an aluminium frame the vent integrates with the structure enhancing the buildings’ performance in all weather conditions.

  • Insulated roof sheet

    Moderating temperature and the build-up of condensation, an insulated roof sheet can be specified; composed of a inner and outer 600gm PVC sheet with a translucent a high performance insulated core. The translucent qualities of the insulation deliver the temperature moderation protecting the internal environment and aircraft without compromising the illuminating benefits of the 3 meter translucent roof strip.

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Product Specification

The Pioneer light aircraft hangar provides a generous access of 11.70m x 3.0m. Its modular construction allows the building length to be specified to meet the requirements of each site, aircraft and user; expanded by multiples of the structures 1.5m framework spacing.

The hangars structure is manufactured from 60.3mm (section) Z35 hot-dip galvanized steel tube providing superior structural integrity along with a lasting and high-quality finish. Cross bracing is fitted at every bay creating a robust structure, ensuring stability in adverse weather conditions.

600gm PVC cladding gives the structure a high-quality resilient finish lasting 25 years or more. Once fitted and tensioned the PVC forms part of the buildings structure, secured in place with aluminium grip rail and ratcheted tension straps the surface becomes tight and fully stabilised. The PVC is easily maintained and simply repaired if accidentally punctured. Access is provided by a manually operated, lockable, PVC curtain door. Reinforced with steel uprights every meter, once closed the door is fastened shut using our two-point ratchet closure system.

Different ground fixing types are specified depending on the ground the hangar will be installed on, ensuring a long-lasting and stable structure at every site. The structure can be anchored on a grass strip with concrete embedded anchors or fixed to a concrete pad with a plated anchor.

The Pioneer hangar has been designed and manufactured for ‘self-build’ construction/ installation and comes with detailed instructions for assembly. If required installation can be provided as part of a comprehensive supply package.

The Pioneer hangar is packed and dispatched as a palletised kit and can be delivered worldwide.

Find out more about the Pioneer 12.4 - Download the full brochure

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