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Delivering a cost-effective solution for commercial aircraft businesses, the Forum hangar provides a vibrant and spacious environment for medium size or multiple light aircraft. Designed to perform in ‘airside’ applications the Forum hangar is an impressive solution for any expanding aircraft business.

Truly built to last – manufactured to the highest standards; the Forum hangar is uniquely constructed from a triple trellis frame creating an expansive and open structure with a 15 meter wide single span. The hangars three-meter wide translucent window strip, runs the length of the building, down the centre line of the roof, illuminating the internal environment.

Product Summary

Maximum access width
13.4 meters
Maximum access height
5.7 meters
PVC roof sheet
900 gsm - light gray
Hangar door
Steel sliding door

Optional Features

  • Internal bay partitioning

    Internal walls (between bays) can be closed off with PVC partitioning to provide privacy between independent bays.

  • Gable-end vent

    Promoting air flow through the building and reducing the build-up of condensation on the hangars inner walls. The rear gable-end vent can be simply fitted into the rear wall of the hangar, formed from a coarse mesh, trapped into an aluminium frame the vent integrates with the structure enhancing the buildings’ performance in all weather conditions.

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Product Specification

With a 15 meter wide single span, the Forum hangar is suitable for the majority of medium/ light aircraft. The hangar depth (front door to back wall) can be specified to match the space requirements of each customer; expanded by multiples of the 3.45 meter framework spacing. For larger aircraft the hangar access height can also be extended from the standard 4 meters with the addition of a 1 meter section to the vertical wall framework creating a 5 meter access height.

High-strength and low weight – 60.3mm (section) Z35 hot-dip galvanized steel tube forms a triple trellis frame structure with internal tri-braces of CHS 26.9 x 3 (S235) providing superior structural integrity along with a lasting and high-quality finish. Tensioned, flat steel ‘wind bracing’ at both gable ends creates a robust structure, ensuring stability in all weather conditions.

Individually tensioned roof panels are constructed from 900gm PVC sheet with internal weave, fitted into an aluminium tracking system at every section. Tensioned with a ratcheted pocket system to form a tailored roof structure that will withstand the harshest weather conditions with a resilient and durable finish designed to last 25 years or more.

The Forum hangar is specified with a four panel, steel sliding hangar door. Manually operated, on a multi-track bottom rolling system, the door is simply opened and closed with minimum effort providing generous aircraft access and security on the ground.

Different ground fixing types are specified depending on the ground the hangar will be installed on, ensuring a long-lasting and stable structure at every site. Supplied with plated anchors, this hangar can be either fixed to a C35 fibre reinforced concrete pad with excalibur bolts or fixed through a tarmac strip with 50mm Spirafix ground anchors.

We work with teams of specialist installers to construct our hangars. This installation service can either be sourced direct or provided by McGregor Hangars as part of a comprehensive supply package.

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